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When completing massage therapy training in 2000, it was my desire to offer care and respite to the acute and chronic illness community. Additional training in the precise care needed for those on a cancer journey forged the way to a partnership with the region’s largest academic hospital and the development of the longest-running hospital-based massage therapy program in our area.


Seventeen years later, that core desire has grown to include, well, everyone! Opportunities for growth, balance, and personal wellness should be attainable to all – and not just through pricey spas or exclusive yoga studios. That’s why our team is so passionate about not only providing high-quality, personalized services, but equipping our clients with the resources and strategies they need to incorporate home-based wellness practices in their everyday life.


At Winding Path Wellness, you are heard. You are understood. You are valued. We are committed to coming alongside you on your path toward personal wellness and helping you find rest for your body, growth for your mind, and balance for your life.


Every path starts somewhere. Ours starts here.

Gayle Owens

Founder, Winding Path Wellness

LMT, TRE® certified, RYT200